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With Ecotri Solutions no more need to go to the Waste Reception Centre ; we will do it for you
The right solution for ...

  • People with reduced mobility
  • People without a car
  • Elderly
  • This task represents a chore
  • The hours of the recycling center do not suit you
  • For people who are short on time

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What We Do

We collect all the waste accepted in the recycling centers as well as bulky items.


Drink bottle






Light bulb

Nespresso Capsule

And more



How It Works

Thanks to the downloadable application in a few clicks we pick up your waste !


You choose the date, your timing the morning or afternoon and we come to pick up your recycable waste at the place you have indicated.

Pickup Credit
Ideal for testing before taking a subscription or for people who do not want a subscription.

Pickup Monthly Subscriptions
Once you have found your rythm, or if you know your rythm immediately, you can choose your subscription and cancel at all times.

1 Pickup credit = 6 shopping bags of 20L (120L).
(CHF 1.- additional shopping bag of 20L)

Pickup Credit

1 Pickup
27 CHF
5 Pickups
130 CHF
10 Pickups
250 CHF
20 Pickups
480 CHF
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Pickup Monthly Subscriptions

1 Pickup/Month
25 CHF
2 Pickups/Months
45 CHF
3 Pickups/Months
60 CHF
4 Pickups/Months
72 CHF
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About Us

Ecotri Solutions was created to simplify the life of the inhabitants who wish to entrust their waste to a company that works with respect for the environment, and that is committed to respecting the strictest standards in terms of recycling. The waste is sent to Sotridec which is a sorting center approved by the State of Vaud. The latter is also an approved collection point by SENS and SWICO .

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