Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
These general conditions are applicable without restrictions on all business relationships between Ecotrisolutions and customers when using the services. By making a service request, the customer accepts these general conditions without reservation. The customer acknowledges that the general conditions are valid for all future services, without the GTC having to be expressly repeated for this. Only the latest version of the GTC is valid.

1. Subscription
Ecotrisolutions undertakes to collect common household waste at the place and on the day previously agreed, according to a frequency and quantities determined by the chosen offer.

1.1 Client's responsibility
The customer must have previously sorted his waste and stored the containers at the location agreed at the start of the contractual relationship.

a) Location of waste
All waste must be sorted and separated. Ecotrisolutions declines all responsibility for the removal of valuables located inside or near containers. Waste must be separated from any valuables, otherwise the customer is responsible for any damage or loss.

b) Absence of waste and cancellation of a passage
If the customer has forgotten to take out his waste or is absent without having previously notified Ecotrisolutions, the passage is deemed to have been carried out and invoiced. However, the customer has the option of canceling their trip until the day before at the latest. The canceled passages are either moved or replaced by a passage at the end of the contractual term.

1.2 Type of waste collected
The types of waste sorted and collected during the passages are, unless otherwise specified or agreed:

Nespresso capsules
Small electronic objects
Bulky items (items that do not fit in a 35-liter bag) and green waste (plants, grass, etc.) are not included in the basic pick-up offer.

Green waste can be included in the subscription in exchange for a monthly supplement of 10 francs. The customer must expressly request this supplement otherwise the green waste will not be collected.

Bulky items can be picked up during regular pickups if Ecotrisolutions is notified in advance and the size of the items allows the task to be performed by a single employee. In the case of excessively large objects requiring the presence of two employees, Ecotrisolutions can clear these objects by making an appointment outside of regular pick-ups.

1.3 Quantity collected
The quantity collected per passage, unless otherwise agreed, contracted or agreed, is approximately 200 liters of recyclable material. A slight surplus is tolerated as long as it remains reasonable.

When the average quantities per passage are constantly higher than the quantities agreed at the start of the contractual relationship. Ecotrisolutions can by mutual agreement with the customer, add a monthly supplement to the price of the subscription, or modify the rate of passages. Without this, Ecotrisolutions reserves the right to interrupt its services.

1.4 Supplement during passages
Ecotrisolutions reserves the right to add supplements for the following cases, please note that the supplements remain occasional and concern a small part of our passages.

Bulky objects during classic pick-ups: When Ecotrisolutionsen is notified in advance and bulky objects (size and weight) can be picked up by a single employee, Ecotrisolutions can undertake to pick up bulky objects during a classic passage. A surcharge will be added based on the additional time on the task and possible disposal costs.

Surplus quantity: If the quantities are significantly in excess of the quantities defined in the contract. Ecotrisolutions can add a supplement of 5 to 20 francs without directly notifying the subscriber.

Unsorted waste: When the waste is unsorted or badly sorted, Ecotrisolutions can collect the waste by adding an additional 5 to 20 francs including the time required for the task.

All of these tasks are considered additional work to our subscription offering. Consequently, Ecotrisolutions reserves the right not to pick up certain bulky items, excess quantities or unsorted waste during our visits.

All surcharges are added and must be paid on the next invoice or at the end of the contractual relationship.

1.5 Sorting bins
The purchase of sorting bins is optional. The customer can opt for the containers of his choice. Ecotrisolutions offers direct sale of containers on customer request. They become the property of the customer only when paid by the subscriber. Ecotrisolutions cannot under any circumstances ê